26 November 2012

merepek --

        Assalammualaikum :) Haha, so the topic? Merepek? Ohh, GOD. Actually takda idea nak update apa. Tu yang merepek tu. Well, tomorrow is my account paper * sucks. And I didn't do any revision for that subject. Its killing me and I'am to lazy to do any work right now. Just a lame of me. Haha. Haa, tetiba dapat idea. After SPM, what should I do to habiskan masa terluang gila gila tuh? Find part-time job if my dad allow me. Because nothing to do at home unless eating. I don't want finish my holiday with CRAP activities. *LOL
       Kay, got to go. No idea to wrote about. Haha. Try to start my account revision and get ready for tomorrow. Bye* waving* 
                                                                                                                                                                                  xoxo, Megamind :*

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