25 December 2012

Noveling :)

          Assalammualaikum :)
Well, school has ended. I also known as adult right now because of graduation of school. Well, I'm finished my school already. So sad. But life must go on. And I have a lot of time during this holidays. Its sucks. Truly it's sucks. Because there's no activities that I can do.
         And my sister plus my friend give me a suggestion. To create a novel. And seriously, I'm lack of idea. Whether to do about my life, or love, or apa apa jelah. If I'm do about my life, for sure my novel will be so boring! Like happen to me right now. Muahaha. And if it's about love, for sure it's gonna ruin the novel because I didn't found my love yet.
         Ahhh, so lack of idea. And now, I realise that I have to improve my English. Biar setanding dengan org lain. Muahha. Not to be arrogant tapi well, to be the best. And Sumpah! Aku taktahu nak belajar macam mana. Okay lah, better  think about what I'm gonna write about in my novel. Let's start with the prolog first. Hewhew, bye :)

                                                                      xoxo,Megamind :*

24 December 2012

Girls :)

           Assalammualaikum :)
Recently I just read about love so much. Breaking up with someone, crying at midnight, got problem with your guys and all. Chill girl. You're so beautiful. Just find someone else that can make you cry. Not because of your sadness but your happiness cry. You bahagia dengan dia. Well this is often. Women are weak. That's why we can simply cry because of nothing. Come on, be strong. Someday we might found someone.
          In the middle of breaking up moment, please don't let the feeling of hurt over the break up control your life. If you do this, it will be very hard to move on. It is okay to do this for the first few weeks. But after that, pick yourself up to realise that there is more to life than this relationship you had. Please get trough the pain. Easier than said done, but don't feel sorry for yourself. Don't wallow in your misery. Get on with it. And don't bad mouth your ex or any new boyfriend they have. You may be feeling angry at this point ,but don't give into it.
         If your ex has a new GF . ACCEPT IT. Be happy for them, let the new girl have a chance. Don't try ruin the relationship for them. Know that, yes , your ex will probably act with them how they used to act with you. This will but, accept it. Then, don't try to make them jealous. Don't get off with someone right in front of  your ex, solely for the purpose of making them jealous. It will be obvious. And please STOP listening the sad songs. It help for a while, but you can start listening to an amusing music at the moment.
         Well please get my word. Even a little. I'm sure you will fine someday. I hope you're in good condition. And think about my word. I'm not a perfect girl to advice you, but I've learn from my past and experience. Please understand and stay calm. I know you will do it. I love you. Enjoy reading :)

                                                                                      xoxo, Megamind :*

Super friend :)

               Assalammualaikum :)
Haha, today my post dedicated for you , damn ass :) Well, I'm still pissed off with you. That's why I just using bad word for you. Well, you suka bukan? It's suit to you. Like bee and honey :)
              Well, word 'penipu'? Like seriously? You gived me that word kinda break my heart. Gila tak terasa? Maybe this is the revenge from you. I got yayyyyyyyyyyyyy ~ It's cool bro. You did it with the good job. It's excellent. Well, thank you. As you know, I am being heartless for a couple month. And please support me. The last post is to release my feeling. Well being heartless is difficult than you think. At least , I still have feeling to being your super bestfriend! Why don't you try, only once! to accept our relationship? It is hard for you? So, same goes to me. To losing you as my friend. But you never get me. And I never get you. We both don't understand each other.
              But it's okay. I must used to it. It's happen often. Bukan aku tak pernah dapat situation macam ni. So, kenapa nak sedih lagi kan? Aku kan penipu. Penipu yang kejam. Hanya sebab kau SUKA aku, kita tak boleh kawan macam biasa? Well, that's stupid. Tak appreciate. To stupid to take advantage. If we are bestfriends, who knows? Maybe someday, I might in love with you? And our jodoh to being together. Gila ah. Kau memang cepat putus asa. I'am really really reallyyyyyyyyyyy tired with you. Penat nak layan karenah bodoh kau tuh. I seriously, don't know how to merajuk but I still can offended.
             And I think this is the time for me to move on from being your bestfriend. Aku mengundur diri and takkan menawarkan diri lagi untuk jadi kawan kau. Kau dah buang aku kan? Well, aku buang kau pulak. Aku takkan terhegeh-hegeh nak cari kau lagi. Even rindu aku banyak gila pun, aku akan ignore perasaan yuh. This is not my decision but it's yours :) Aku rasa benda nih dah banyak kali jadi tapi maybe this is the last.
          Thanks for be my right wing :) Kau terhebat. And I know there's a girl who in love with you. I can't be your lover, I'm not the best for you. Thanks for everything. I just lost my word to talk with you. So, its stop right here. Thanks sayang <3

                                                                                  xoxo, Megamind :*

Tired :/

                  Assalammualaikum :)
Well today is the most tiring day. I buat jigsaw puzzle. GIler frust buat nih. It's got 1000 pieces of that. Imagine :) Hahha.
                 Well, it's tired because I got sore eyes. Even takda kena mengena. Tetap penat. Haha.
Hahha, tu je ah. Penat haha. Bye :)
                                                                                   xoxo, Megamind :*

20 December 2012

Sorrows --

         Assalammualaikum :)
Hey love. You know what? I miss you. Damn miss you. I might not see you but I believe that you're still love me. I believe deep inside my heart. For me, you're the perfect even though I know nobody perfect. I know we both love each other. But the distance separates us. I need you to surround my life, I need you to embrace me. I need you to hear my pain, my sorrow.
         Sayang, I just care and worried about you. I'm too worried about you. I'm too worried that I'm gonna lose you. I'm endeavour to let you go to live your life. I let myself to survive without you. Please baby. Take care yourself. And please willing yourself not to forget to share your stories with me. I want to know your pain and sorrows. I want to feel it together with you.

                                                                                      xoxo, Megamind :*

13 December 2012

Malaysian :)

        Assalammualaikum :) So, keputusan bagi Malaysia vs Thailand, 2-0 or 3-0 . Haha, I'm not so sure about it. Seriously, berdebar + menyirap je aku tengok game tadi. Padang dia ah paling aku menyampah sekali. Lain macam gila kot --
         Aku kesian giler tengok muka si farizal tuh. OhGod, kesian giler ah. Muka sedih penat and all. Alaa, nak buat macam mana. Bukan rezeki Malaysia nak menang malam ni. Dorang pun dah main bersungguh-sungguh tapi takda rezeki. Nak buat cemana kan? Terima je ah.
        Tapi papepun, kita mesti berbangga menjadi rakyat Malaysia yang aman damai ni. Muahahaha. Game malam nih cool giler ah. Hahah. Apa aku merepek ni? Papepun, I'm proud to be Malaysian! Malaysia boleh!
                                                                     xoxo, Megamind :*

rough :/

         Assalammualaikum :) hey guys. So, Malaysia vs Thailand. Who gonna win this game for tonight? HAHA. How should I know, tengok pun tak. So, today is a bad day for me. Its kinda rough day because of what? Hell yeah, this morning. My dad just screwed up my morning. Seriously, kena marah pepagi is not a good time at all. Nak pulak, kena marah selama 2 jam. Well, banyak benda yang dipertikaikan dalam situation tuh. Uwaaaaaa :'( 
        Watlek ah. aku masih cool cuma sangat bosan menanti panggilan dari kerja kosong. Please hire me! I'm too sick nak duduk rumah lelama. And ternyata menjadi lepasan SPM tak semudah yang disangka. Ahhh, ohmygod. Sangat bosan. Seriously!
        No idea nak mengarut apa. So, see ya. Wat for the goal from Malaysian! Wohooo! Assalammualaikum :)                 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   xoxo, Megamind :*                                                                                                                                                  

6 December 2012


                Assalammualaikum :) Heyy guys. So for today, I'm gonna write this for my friend. Haha. Taknak mention nama lah kan. Sebab nanti dia yang akan baca. So first of all, aku nak mintak maaf atas segala percakapan, perbutan or apa apa yang menyakitkan hati kau. Aku harap kau maafkan aku. Apa yang aku update hari ni aku dedicatedkan untuk kau. Kira macam wasiat aku kat kau ah. *LOL
                Aku menangis sebab kau meraikan SPM dengan buat perkara yang sama sekali dilarang oleh aku and semua. Tapi like you always said 'let bygone be bygone. Lepas nih, aku dah tak boleh halang kau lagi sebab I'm not longer your classmate, I'm not your bestfriend at all, and the rest. Aku bukan apa, aku just rasa yang aku nih semak je. Alaaa, lagipun sekolah has ENDED. So, kau pun takkan fikir lagi pasal aku, kita pun maybe akan tak jumpa. KAN?
                Aku just harap someday kau akan berubah macam mana yang aku selalu bayangkan. Segala urusan aku , macam yang selalu aku buat kat sekolah dah aku serahkan. Aku dah selesai menjaga kau. So lepas nih, kau kena jaga diri sendiri. Kawal diri dekat dunia yang bahaya nih. Aku sedar I'm not good enough to advice you. Dan aku hanya mencuba je. Aku tak cukup bagus, ilmu agama aku masih cetek. In shaa Allah, aku kan belajar lagi. And aku taknak takbur, sebab aku tahu. Tak selamanya kau akan macam tuh. Aku tunggu perubahan tuh. Lagipun, semua orang pernah melakukan kesilapan dalam hidup dia. So, aku faham.
               Aku dah takda idea nak cakap apa dah. HAHAHA. Well, kita masih lagi akan berkawan. Aku takkan membenci kau. Aku still akan doakan kau macam biasa. Cuma, aku akan benci perbutan kau. Tu je :) Aku harap kau tak lupa aku. Aku dah tak kisah dah apa kau nak buat lepas nih, bukan bermakna aku taknak ambil tahu tapi aku taknak kau rasa dikongkong. Haha, aku dah mula merepek. 
             Kau jaga diri and kuatkan semangat untuk berubah. Aku sayang kau :*

                                                                                                                                           xoxo, Megamind :*

2 December 2012


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, 19 or 20 maybe. Hahha. *LOL, lupa bro. May GOD bless you.
Sorry takda hadiah. Wa pokai dohh. Lu kan dah dapat BB PEARL SIAL tuh. So, enjoy ah pakai.
This video agak tersekat sekat tapi lantak ah. Haha, enjoy~

                                                                                                                               xoxo, Megamind :*

26 November 2012

merepek --

        Assalammualaikum :) Haha, so the topic? Merepek? Ohh, GOD. Actually takda idea nak update apa. Tu yang merepek tu. Well, tomorrow is my account paper * sucks. And I didn't do any revision for that subject. Its killing me and I'am to lazy to do any work right now. Just a lame of me. Haha. Haa, tetiba dapat idea. After SPM, what should I do to habiskan masa terluang gila gila tuh? Find part-time job if my dad allow me. Because nothing to do at home unless eating. I don't want finish my holiday with CRAP activities. *LOL
       Kay, got to go. No idea to wrote about. Haha. Try to start my account revision and get ready for tomorrow. Bye* waving* 
                                                                                                                                                                                  xoxo, Megamind :*

24 November 2012

I owe you apologise :)

Assalammualaikum :) hey guys*waving* So, topic for today is for asks a apologise to my bestie. This is because the thing that I updated at my facebook. *sigh* 
The thing that I update takda kena mengena antara hidup dan mati. All of that, hanya pasal aku je. Ayat yg aku guna untuk menunjukkan yang aku tengah merajuk, 'aku buang kau'. Tpi benda nih dah disalah tafsir oleh segelintir kawan kawan aku. Seriusly, aku memang tak tahu merajuk. So, how I want to show that I'm sulking? With my magic word. Tapi kawan kawan anggap benda nih serius and tak kelakar. Shafiq and Intan dah faham benda nih sbb dorang selalu kena. For those yang tak pernah kena, mereka akan fikir yang aku memang nak buang dorang.
                   Just relax. Kalau betul skalipun, apa salahnya? Korang boleh je menjalani hidup korang tanpa aku. I think any activities that you guys do, it is more enjoyable without me. So, why you give a damn with my statement. You guys never think that the more I need you, the more you ignore me. Aku malas nak fikir pasal nih sebab, benda nih buang masa aku. And I don't want to be selfish. Only use my friend like a disposable thing. But it seems like you guys never appreciate me like the more I appreciate you guys. Sometimes think about me even you don't want at all. 
                    Now SPM still running, and I got 3 papers left. And I already serabut dengan kesalahan aku sendiri. And I'am sorry for every mess that I've made. I owe you guys apologise. Semua benda yang kau baca kat comment tuh, dekat kawan aku yang lain tuh. Just pasal nih je. Sebab aku rasa korang dah muak pasal nih. And I'am sorry again for my mistake. One more, aku takkan buang korang sebab korang kawan aku sampai bila bila. Buruk mana pun korang, aku terima korang mcm korang terima keburukan aku. Ilove you guys :*. Sorry again :)

xoxo, Megamind :*

19 November 2012

Aku nak buang kau :)

Assalammualaikum :) haa, hari nih paper agama. Not bad ah kertas dia. Alhamdulillah, atas kurniaan yang diberikan. Aku dapat jawab dengan tenang dan aku mudah berfikir. Terima kasih Ya Allah. Kay, that's not the point. The point is, aku dah ready nak buang kawan kawan aku yang selalu buang aku :) Hah, mesti pelik kan --
                  Takda ah. Citer dia mcm nih, dorang selalu mcm ignore aku. Pergi memana tak ajak. Aku tahu lah aku nih susah keluar, tapi at least ajak ah. Takda lah aku nampak bodoh time dorang tengah syok bercerita. KAN? Tapi tak kisah lah. Habis je paper, 6 Disember nih, aku akan hilangkan diri. (kira macam tak contact dorang lah) *Hahaha, aku poyo. aku taktau ah apa yang aku plan nih. Tapi aku penat menagis sebab tahan sakit hati aku nih. Whatever lah. Tapi aku akan buat jugak. Muahahah* evil laugh :/
                   Hehe, tak sabar nak cari kawan baru. k lahh. Macam dah mengarut je. Bye *waving
(Ada ke orang yang baca blog aku nih? Syok sendiri ah :/)

                                                                            xoxo, Megamind :*

17 November 2012

What if :/

Assalammualaikum w.h.t :) hey, guys :) First time update tengah malam mcm ni. Wawawa ~ so, topic pada malam yang hening lagi sejuk ni. What If? There's many question mark that can't I solve it. What if? Apa jadi kalau result S P M aku teruk? Apa jadi dengan aku kalau aku tak dapat pergi university untuk further study? Sometimes, I was wondering. What will happen If ALLAH didn't except my taubat? What if I fail in S P M? Ahhhhhhhhhhh~ aku tension dengan question mark yang ada dalam diri aku ni. [(banyak lagi, tapi lack of idea lah :)]
My FB Bestie pernah tulis dalam blog dia. And I've read it. Dia cakap,' mohon percaya pada diri sendiri' kata-kata dia men'inspirasikan' diri aku yang lemah nih. Bolehkah aku percaya dengan diri aku sendiri? Apa kebolehan yg ada pada aku? Boleh ke aku selesaikan masalah yang berlaku + yang ada dalam diri aku nih? 
Ahhhhhh~ okay. Persoalan lagi. *Banyaknya :)
       Lemahnya semangat aku serta jiwa aku nih. Entahlahh. Cehh, poyo je aku. Skang malas kusut kusut. Thanks jurnal :)
Assalammualaikum :)

                                            xoxo, Megamind :*

15 November 2012

welcome :)

hai *waving
assalammualaikum :) hee, this is the new look of my blog. a bit boring tapi lantak lah. haha. actually I don't have any topic to write about. blank je -_- haha. well, cantik takblog ni? haha. *gila
haa, I rindu dohh dekat my best FB friend. long time didn't chat with her. (yeah, she's a girl) 
A lot of question that bothering my mind , that keep forcing me to ask her. Haha. Dia motivater tak berbayar I. Papejelah :) eh, title welcome. Tapi dah menyimpang ke lain pulak. hee, bye. *waving

                                     xoxo, Megamind  :*

14 November 2012

re-new :)

assalammualaikum :) haha. i've been deleted all the poses that I wrote before. just to create the new one. nak edit balik blog buruk nih. haha. will come out soon :) wait for it. bye *waving