24 December 2012

Super friend :)

               Assalammualaikum :)
Haha, today my post dedicated for you , damn ass :) Well, I'm still pissed off with you. That's why I just using bad word for you. Well, you suka bukan? It's suit to you. Like bee and honey :)
              Well, word 'penipu'? Like seriously? You gived me that word kinda break my heart. Gila tak terasa? Maybe this is the revenge from you. I got yayyyyyyyyyyyyy ~ It's cool bro. You did it with the good job. It's excellent. Well, thank you. As you know, I am being heartless for a couple month. And please support me. The last post is to release my feeling. Well being heartless is difficult than you think. At least , I still have feeling to being your super bestfriend! Why don't you try, only once! to accept our relationship? It is hard for you? So, same goes to me. To losing you as my friend. But you never get me. And I never get you. We both don't understand each other.
              But it's okay. I must used to it. It's happen often. Bukan aku tak pernah dapat situation macam ni. So, kenapa nak sedih lagi kan? Aku kan penipu. Penipu yang kejam. Hanya sebab kau SUKA aku, kita tak boleh kawan macam biasa? Well, that's stupid. Tak appreciate. To stupid to take advantage. If we are bestfriends, who knows? Maybe someday, I might in love with you? And our jodoh to being together. Gila ah. Kau memang cepat putus asa. I'am really really reallyyyyyyyyyyy tired with you. Penat nak layan karenah bodoh kau tuh. I seriously, don't know how to merajuk but I still can offended.
             And I think this is the time for me to move on from being your bestfriend. Aku mengundur diri and takkan menawarkan diri lagi untuk jadi kawan kau. Kau dah buang aku kan? Well, aku buang kau pulak. Aku takkan terhegeh-hegeh nak cari kau lagi. Even rindu aku banyak gila pun, aku akan ignore perasaan yuh. This is not my decision but it's yours :) Aku rasa benda nih dah banyak kali jadi tapi maybe this is the last.
          Thanks for be my right wing :) Kau terhebat. And I know there's a girl who in love with you. I can't be your lover, I'm not the best for you. Thanks for everything. I just lost my word to talk with you. So, its stop right here. Thanks sayang <3

                                                                                  xoxo, Megamind :*

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