25 December 2012

Noveling :)

          Assalammualaikum :)
Well, school has ended. I also known as adult right now because of graduation of school. Well, I'm finished my school already. So sad. But life must go on. And I have a lot of time during this holidays. Its sucks. Truly it's sucks. Because there's no activities that I can do.
         And my sister plus my friend give me a suggestion. To create a novel. And seriously, I'm lack of idea. Whether to do about my life, or love, or apa apa jelah. If I'm do about my life, for sure my novel will be so boring! Like happen to me right now. Muahaha. And if it's about love, for sure it's gonna ruin the novel because I didn't found my love yet.
         Ahhh, so lack of idea. And now, I realise that I have to improve my English. Biar setanding dengan org lain. Muahha. Not to be arrogant tapi well, to be the best. And Sumpah! Aku taktahu nak belajar macam mana. Okay lah, better  think about what I'm gonna write about in my novel. Let's start with the prolog first. Hewhew, bye :)

                                                                      xoxo,Megamind :*

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