20 December 2012

Sorrows --

         Assalammualaikum :)
Hey love. You know what? I miss you. Damn miss you. I might not see you but I believe that you're still love me. I believe deep inside my heart. For me, you're the perfect even though I know nobody perfect. I know we both love each other. But the distance separates us. I need you to surround my life, I need you to embrace me. I need you to hear my pain, my sorrow.
         Sayang, I just care and worried about you. I'm too worried about you. I'm too worried that I'm gonna lose you. I'm endeavour to let you go to live your life. I let myself to survive without you. Please baby. Take care yourself. And please willing yourself not to forget to share your stories with me. I want to know your pain and sorrows. I want to feel it together with you.

                                                                                      xoxo, Megamind :*

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