24 December 2012

Girls :)

           Assalammualaikum :)
Recently I just read about love so much. Breaking up with someone, crying at midnight, got problem with your guys and all. Chill girl. You're so beautiful. Just find someone else that can make you cry. Not because of your sadness but your happiness cry. You bahagia dengan dia. Well this is often. Women are weak. That's why we can simply cry because of nothing. Come on, be strong. Someday we might found someone.
          In the middle of breaking up moment, please don't let the feeling of hurt over the break up control your life. If you do this, it will be very hard to move on. It is okay to do this for the first few weeks. But after that, pick yourself up to realise that there is more to life than this relationship you had. Please get trough the pain. Easier than said done, but don't feel sorry for yourself. Don't wallow in your misery. Get on with it. And don't bad mouth your ex or any new boyfriend they have. You may be feeling angry at this point ,but don't give into it.
         If your ex has a new GF . ACCEPT IT. Be happy for them, let the new girl have a chance. Don't try ruin the relationship for them. Know that, yes , your ex will probably act with them how they used to act with you. This will but, accept it. Then, don't try to make them jealous. Don't get off with someone right in front of  your ex, solely for the purpose of making them jealous. It will be obvious. And please STOP listening the sad songs. It help for a while, but you can start listening to an amusing music at the moment.
         Well please get my word. Even a little. I'm sure you will fine someday. I hope you're in good condition. And think about my word. I'm not a perfect girl to advice you, but I've learn from my past and experience. Please understand and stay calm. I know you will do it. I love you. Enjoy reading :)

                                                                                      xoxo, Megamind :*

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